Dead Space Remake – Secret Ending 4K

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  1. Ironically, how bright and happy like typical hollywood ending is way far more creepy and scary than the original jumpscare one

  2. Now that they’ve added this secret ending. The story is now open ended for subsequent titles (if they want to continue the remakes). This piqued my interest.

  3. This ending makes a lot more sense in the context of Dead Space 2. He’s supposed to have been insane in the time between 1 and 2 so this is actually perfect

  4. Y'all wanna know something really fucking cool about this ending?

    Since you need to collect all the Marker fragments Isaac is WAY too overexposed to it mind rape effect to the point that his highly resistance mind got completely overwhelmed by the Marker's power , it's realistic as fuck.

  5. I like this ending more. It's grim and disturbing, just like game itself.
    Isaac loses his mind anyway… so the fact that he sees his dead love works much better with alternative ending.

  6. For anyone who hasn't played dead space 2, the thing he's going to build is a marker. As Isaac built a marker on the sprawl. With memory suppressants, Tiedeman made sure he couldn't remember doing it.

  7. I don't know why people in comments think that Isaac himself build Marker in Dead Space 2.

    Look the marker in DS 2 was built by using marker code from Isaac and Nolan heads

  8. What is even more disturbing about this is, that Nichole's RIG is offline. Practically another obvious "she aint real" moment but it goes unnoticed. Truely Motive mastered the essence of the marker influence

  9. Seeing him how happy he is due to the Marker's influence, is terrifying. It shows that it is making him insane. The way he smiles and talking to himself, sort of like Jack Nicholson's performance in Stanley Kubrick's horror classic, The Shining and his portrayal of the Joker in Tim Burton's Batman.

    I hope Sonita Henry returns as Ellie Langford in the Dead Space 2 remake, if they announce to work on the sequel. They need a background on her story, big time like a single-player expansion DLC. And maybe in the DS2 remake, an extended director's cut of the game.

    But I prefer this ending instead of the original 2008 one. That's my take

  10. They wouldn't go as far as adding a new cutscene, only unlockable in NG+ and by collecting some Marker Statues, if they weren't going to remake Dead Space 2! For once I am cautiously optimistic with EA, they showed that they can still make actually good games that don't need money to unlock this or this. And hell the Remake stayed true to the original while also changing/addinb things in a way that is coherent and makes sense. Heck there were some scenes that genuinely surprised me despite having played all three original games. So I will be cautiously optimistic if they remake Dead Space 2, and hopefully they remake 3 and make it so it is less action. Dead Space 3 is a good game, when playing with a friend, and does have a good story once you look past the fact it was just more action focused then horror. But hopefully if they remake 3 as well it will improve things and such.

    And hey, if all goes well maybe, just maybe, we will finally get Dead Space 4. It is a long shot, but so was getting a good Remake in this day and age.

  11. The plot hole that's always bugged me is if the necromorophs are controlled by the hive mind, which is a product of the marker, and the marker wants Isaac to build other markers, why do the necromorophs try to kill Isaac throughout the entire game?

  12. This ending is literally setting the stage for Dead Space 2 by the time Isaac was rescued he had literally gone insane

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